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A few things I love about Abba’s Kidz is the kingdom approach to teaching. I also love how kingdom is first and academics are second. Another thing I love is how the teachers build their confidence in who Abba created them to be.

Abba’s is different because there is constant communication with teachers and parents.

Expect your children to come home each day covered in their anointing as the teachers constantly are reminding them throughout the day and I would also say expect to see a garment of praise upon them. They truly do come home different.


Sword of the Spirit - Crown Art
Kids Learning

I like the learning development that is brought to the kids and the quality of work from the teacher side. We elevate the basic standard of education, proving strengths in our kids, the human value and respect to one another. Integral academic knowledge, with Christian principles that ingrain to their hearts to His glory.


What I love about Abba’s, there a presence of love, laughter, a lighter – more peaceful sense of the world when you enter in our building, the atmosphere greets you with hopefully expectations, surrounded by loving, supportive teachers & parents.

Abba’s is a place of our Father’s heart, for those families that are seeking a deeper relationship for their children with an experiential walk with God. We allow children to really learn how to host God’s presence in its truest form. That will propel them in who they are meant to be in the world and really walking it out in action.

Parents will be empowered, emboldened with the ability to learn how & why their children were designed & destined to be who they are; and how to partner with our school to bring forth the truest form of their wonderful child.


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Teacher & Kids

Freedom to INSPIRE, EQUIP, And EMPOWER both in-the Father’s love and Academically. Emphasis on Resilience-Character Building. Spiritually and Emotionally. Being obedient, and respectful. Growing spiritually.


I love that the children are being taught and empowered to pray and connect with the father throughout their day. The staff and students get to start every day with praise and worship and learn to love and affirm themselves & others. Parents can expect that their children will grow in their spiritual walk and potentially have great influence in teaching others in their life.


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Kids Learning Fun

What I love about Abba’s Kidz is teaching kids about the Father’s heart and knowing who they are in their identity through Christ. Abba’s kids is different because we are 150% for the kids. We care more about who they are than what they can do. We want each student to know we are fully invested in each and every one of them. I love going to work at Abba’s because I get to pour love into our kids, and in doing that, I also get deposits for my little girl inside of me. (Win-Win)

We are different because we care about our kids’ well-being and their identity in Christ as well as their social and emotional aspects… living and trusting in God’s word rather than the worlds. Parents can expect their kids to be led to the Lord on a daily basis. They can expect their kids to come home with love, joy, peace, and the overpouring of our Father’s love. Their families will never be the same once they have experienced Abba’s Kidz school.